VW Lupo GTI front bumper fitting on Lupo 6X

The adaptation of the Lupo GTI front bumper to the normal Lupo 6X requires a little more work, than only the pure replacement of the bumper.

Instead of this guide there is the ability to install the GTI fenders and so you can skip the cutting work. However, the fenders are firstly very expensive, secondly, the wheel arches are wider at the front than the back and thirdly the are missing from the fender to the sill a piece, as the GTI fenders are shorter at the bottom end.

Before we start, you have to notice that the GTI has high beams instead of the turn signals in the bumper and these must also be installed (please first check the lock support, if the cutouts are square and have 4 holes at the corners to mount the high beam. There are early models with another lock support).

It is possible to install small orange lamps in the high beam as turn signals. In example the Passat 3C has installed usable bulbs (version BAY9s)  which will fit with a bit modifying. However, this is not TÜV compliant in germany, since the GTI headlamps are approved only as a high beam headlamps. So check your local laws before doing this. Another way would be to cut a turn signal and glueing the turn signal frame behind the opening of the headlamps.

Do this conversion at your own risk. In addition to the front you still need the guide rails for the fender (VW part numbers: 6E0807183A for left and 6E0807184A for right):

Cutting the shape

Since the GTI fenders run narrower towards the front, the bumper is too high. You can see that when you try to install the bumper.

Too much material on both sides.

To cut the shape of the fenders in the front, you take the form with mounted original front. I have chosen a tape here, there are certainly better solutions.

Transfer the form to the GTI bumper.

Everything above the tape must be separated with a Dremel. But first, take note of the next step!

Disassembly / assembly of the mounts

But before that you have to replace the mounts on the inside, because they have to be glued down a little bit later.

The detached holder. Right already shortened to the new height.

As you can see on the picture, the holders have to be shortened a bit.

If the front has been finally cutted, the holders have to be glued on again, or better plastically welded. To fix it while glueing/welding use clamps like in you see in the picture.

Bracket fixed and glued (mount installed for better alignment)

First fitting test

The mounts have to be screwed to the fender instead of the original ones. The metal support frame for the 6X front is disassembled (which contains the screw threads under the headlights).

Install the bumper and check the fitment.

Fitment check

Shape the corners

Since the GTI fenders are wider, the corners now need to be heated with a hot air dryer and pulled inwards to complete seamlessly with the fender.

Modified corner

Endgültige Montage

If everything fits, the bumper has to be screwed at the front (behind the covers), on top of the lock support and in the wheelhouse. If you want to be on the safe side, adjust the screw connection in the area of ​​the former indicator strip and screw the bumper additionally through the wheelhouse with the fender.

Finished the bumper

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